Dec 09 2010


Paper People Jokes, The Holiday Season, Narcissistic Tweets, Deep Packet Inspection, Seth's Big 30, MSNBC cuts people off, Birthers still around, and Airplay with Airvideo

Nov 24 2010


Guest host Phil Clay, E-mails, Hitting the TSA in the mouth, Mystery Missles, New website, and Tech Talk.

Nov 09 2010


Election results, Narcissistic Tweets, Body Scanners, What has Obama done so far, Xbox Kinect, T-Bird and the Brakes, The Rent is Too Damn High, and Firesheep.

Oct 26 2010


States Rights, Narcissistic Tweets, New Apple Products, Body Scanners, Zombie Networks, & the Sweet Scam Scam

Oct 13 2010


Rick Sanchez, Listener Emails, Narcissistic Tweets, Tax Cuts for the rich (aka everyone), Brightsource and Obama, Fox News sucking as usual, and Apple vs. Roku.

Sep 28 2010


Antonine Dodson's New House, MonoPrice, UN aims to take over the world, Corn Sugar, Steven Colbert, Christine O'Donnell, HDR Video, Stewart on the O'Reilly Factor, and Halo Reach.

Sep 15 2010


The Tax Cut Myth, 9/11, Halo, 5D Mark II, Pedo Bear, The Return of R&B Poetry, 4Chan Puppy Revenge, Seth's Music Cafe & Dave's Videos.

Aug 31 2010


Special guest Phil Clay, Bitch of the Week, Narcissistic Tweets, 27b/6, The war on Islam, Police Beatings, some great videos, and a little tech talk.

Aug 18 2010


Monsanto Beats, Dogs eating toes, 4Chan Trial Transcript, Marijuana in Canada & Hypervisor Mode.

Jul 22 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 139

Seth tells us about his mom, the oil spill and BP, mystery candidate, Jesus statue, and the iPhone

Jun 08 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 138b

iPhone 4 run down, Cost of Google Pacman, Miranda Rights, Wheel of Fortune Fails, Moot at TED, Swine Flu, and aliens vs. humans

Urban Coffee Episode 138a

Live iPhone 4 coverage

May 24 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 137

Goldman Sachs and other banks hit it big, Illegal Immigration, iPhone 4.0, Kenny the Yo Yo man, After Posting SS# In Ads, Lifelock CEO's Identity Stolen 13 Times, Weezer Perform "Can't Stop Partying" on Lopez Tonight (In the Morning,) and what's New In iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4

May 16 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 136

Losing your citizenship and other rights, Stephen Hawking says Watch Out for Aliens, Bailing out European Banks, Pregnancy by 3D Film, Great articles to read, Apollo 11 Saturn Launch in HD, & Square for iPad.

Apr 27 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 135

Energy Star gets punk'd, Temporal Illusions, The leaked iPhone, Everyone Draw Mohammed, The iPad, Pinball Number Count, & Polish Plane Crash Gunshots.

Apr 14 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 134

The iPad, X7 Host update, Narcissistic Tweets, Seth's Music Cafe, OMG Facts, Reel Roulette, Trololo Cat, No Agenda TV, and & Remembering Henry Edward Roberts

Mar 30 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 133

The health care bill, virtual concerts, Moot, Eduard Hill, Chatroulette, & SXSW.

Mar 19 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 132

Seth via Skype, Dave gets threatened, Pedobear in the olympics, Internet body scale, High Fructose Corn Syrup Propaganda, Hambone Brothers, Internet Freedom, Tra lololo, OK GO Rube Goldberg machine

Feb 24 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 131

Dave's new baby, Google Fiber, Schools Spying on Students, Facebook uploader sucks, narcissistic Tweets, Iran blocks Gmail, Camera Mapping, Youtube Doubler, Chatroulolz, and Rapture Pet Care.

Feb 08 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 130

Guest Host - Patrick Eaton, Brief iPad talk, Text Scams, Narcissistic Tweets, Seth's Music Cafe, Verizon Blocking 4Chan, Climate Gate Explained, McCain's Flip-Flop, & Siri.

Jan 27 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 129

The internet in numbers, Bitch of the Week, Seth's Music Cafe, The iSlate, Science project prompts counseling, Haiti, Pat Robertson, and Ron Paul.

Jan 11 2010

Urban Coffee Episode 128

Caspian and the Good Times, Twenty Ten, Dirty Little Mouth Exclusive, The Crotch Bomber, History Channel HD, New TSA Rules, Best XKCD ever, Ben Stein, and a CES Review

Dec 28 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 127

Christmas Recap, Texas Winter Drivers, Narcissistic Tweets, Seth's Music Cafe, Bill of Rights Day, You are not a person, Dave's Videos, AT&T suckage, & the Apple Tablet

Dec 16 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 126

Dave explains his article about the American Airlines Orange Juice, and the craziness that followed. Seth talks about his music video shoot.

Nov 30 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 125

Special guest Pat Kondelis, Climate Gate, Shiny Suds, Narcissistic Tweets, Taweet, Popcorn is terrible for you, The Video Professor, MN Tea Party, and AT&T revenge ads.

Nov 17 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 124

Mike Yarbrough, X7 Hosting sucks, Brand New - Bought a Bride, Top 10 Weirdest CIA Programs, A/N1N1 Pandemic Toxic strain, Fort Hood, Glenn Beck still alive, & AT&T Sucks.

Nov 02 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 123

John McCain is trying to block net neutrality, Narcissistic Tweets, Hadron Collider begin sabotaged from the future?, Swine Flu, 650,000 jobs saved or created, Gary Vaynerchuk, The Beginners Guide To L. Ron Hubbard, & Woopra

Oct 21 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 122

Bomb Scare, Social Media Games, Narcissistic Tweets, Rewriting the Bible, Lisbon Treaty, Copenhagen Treaty, Balloon Boy, More Microsoft Failures

Oct 07 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 121

Narcissistic Tweets, AT&T Suckage, Massachusetts OK’s Police Breaking into Suspects Vehicle, Planting Tracking Device, Judge rules against Monsanto’s GM sugar beets, Massachusetts bill allows police to break in and vaccinate without warrant, How to throw a Windows Over9000 Party, Swine Flu, Has the Federal Reserve Ever Tried to Manipulate the Stock Market?, & I am T-Pain

Sep 21 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 120

Government Hypocrisy, People in Philly, Narcissistic Tweets, 3D Flight Tracking, Ridiculous Complaints, Kanyelicious, Totalylookslike.com, Franken Talks Down Angry Mob, Steve Jobs back in the game, Mint.com, & Words with Friends

Sep 05 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 119

Doesn't feel like fall, but it is, Cause the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back! DAS PONS PONS, Airline "Schedules", People of Walmart.com, Pandemic bill allows health authorities to enter homes, detain without warrant. THERE WILL BE ABUSES OF POWER!, MJ Still Alive?, IT AIN'T AMERICA NO MO'!, An Update on iPhone MMS.

Aug 26 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 118

Neighbors car broken into, H.R. 3200, Swine flu: 'Tamiflu harm outweighs benefits for children', US government sent confidential letters to neurologists warning them that the swine flu vaccine can cause Guillain-Barre, Mercury: High-Fructose Corn Syrup's Secret Ingredient?, 3 Keyboard Cat Moon T-Shirt Day at Digg, Bacolicio.us, Play Auditorium, The Funniest Signs From Town Hall Protests, Kids in the Hall return, Drugs legalized in Mexico, Special Report: Is US Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra a Phony?, Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear, Superjail - Superbar, Government Web-Tracking, Twelve Year Old Catches Two Foul Balls in a singel bat, Megaslide, Pics: The Facebook/FriendFeed Deal Signed Under The Cover Of Night, 'Infectious' people spread memes across the web, "APPLET" An Insider On the Apple Tablet.

Aug 11 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 117

Douchebag roommate gets warning from God, Phone Thief, Facebook Trademark Violation, Dave stuck it to the man at the airport, Dave bitches about Fedex, Mute Math - Armistice, Highway sign has every word misspelled but EXIT, Transparent Aluminum, Men face charges over gang photos on Web sites, Guilty of Homicide! Prayer is no substitute for medical care, Transformers fan drank gasoline to gain energy, ixquick.com, Woman getting married to fairground ride, Headsethotties.com, Proof of Martian Life?, 60 ton sperm whale explodes all over streets of Taiwan, Automatic Pancake Machine, New Health Care Bill, William Shatner reciting Palin farewell speech, Barney Song Fail, Log into Cars.gov and Turn Your Computer Over to the government, Barack Obama is actually the anti-Christ. Jesus said so, Can You Capture a Laser In Your Hands, Radio Host warns that Nuclear bomb set to explode in Washington DC on October 11th 2009, Big rig loses tire, almost kills cop, Don't update to 10.5.8 yet, New iPhone OS 3.1 Has Clear Traces of New Apple iProducts (Tablet?), Blu-ray support / Social Media / App Organization in next iTunes, & Google Voice App was rejected but now avail as web app.

Jul 29 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 116

TELL A FRIEND ABOUT URBAN COFFEE WEEK!, Bitch of the week, Nasa footage lost, GMO petition, 344 Pounds.com, Throw an iPhone at Mike Arrington, Awesome Coffee Tables, Three Keyboard Cat Moon Shirt, You can't sue Swine Flu vaccine makers if things go wrong, Professor busted by cops in his own house, "No US if it weren't for God" to be added to history books, MJ's Pepsi video shoot with hair on fire, Auto-tune the News #6, Augmented Reality Business Card, 11 year old boy reincarnated, Ptikobj - (From Robert (Poland), Brain Surgery without cutting, JK Wedding Entrance Dance, Ron Paul videos from Fed Hearings, RIAA says DRM is over, Sims 3 Mosaic Remover, AT&T Blocking 4chan in SoCal, Final Cut Studio & Logic.

Jul 16 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 115

Seth got an iPhone, Dave bitches about Firewire Devices, Palin Leaves office, Swine Flu - Will you take the shot?, Robert McNamara, New IE 8 Videos, Bad audition tape Youtube account, Hammer Dance in Public, Metalic Iron filings in cereal, Volcano from space, Robert Gibbs getting grilled on "Town Hall" Meeting, Guy wants us to get attacked by Osama again, Senator Sylvia Allen thinks Earth is 6,00 years old, Train vs. Tornado, Expiration Date Tutorial, Facebook 3.0 for iPhone, Facebook groups think we will pay for Facebook, iPhone Most popular camera now on Flickr, & VLC 1.0

Jun 30 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 114

Michael Jackson, Facebook woman who keeps adding Dave, Group that thinks Facebook is going to be turned into a pay site, Fav MJ song, Tickets for parking in your gravel driveway in Toledo, Adding Homer Simpson voice to Tom Tom, PETA upset about Obama fly swat - Wants Phish to temp change name to Sea Kittens, US Gov study on why people don't like condoms, Bolivian TV tricked into showing Lost photos, iPhone recovery story, Adam Savage - $11,000 iPhone bill - 9gig in 3 hours - Meg a sec., Building collapses straight sideways, HIV / AIDS Cure?, Michael Jackson's Death, Trained acrobat cats, e-Passport with video head shot, Phreak Vids, Best Wheel of Fortune contestant ever!, DIY VR gun, The World According to Monsanto in HD, Best MJ moves video, Microsoft Ten Grand in Australia, Murphy-Goode Winery Negative Publicity, What's here? added to Google Maps.

Jun 17 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 113

This week Phil Clay fills in for Seth. We talk about E3 and video games, Seth's Music Cafe, The Consumerist, Ahmadinejad, More police beatings, iPhone 3.0 and tethering, and AT&T.

Jun 01 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 112

On this episode we talk about Dave's new book, People calling 911 for fast food emergencies, Seth's Music Cafe, Starbucks, Gas Prices, Sotomayor, Police beatings, and iPhone rumors.

May 21 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 111

On this episode we have a good ol' fashioned airport Bitch of the Week, Seth's Music Cafe, secret space programs, Oprah Fried Chicken coupon, warrant-less gps tracking, audit the Fed, ATM skimmers, Windows 7, and Crackho.com.

May 05 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 110

With special guest, Mike Yarbrough. On this episode we discuss the Swine Flu, the thought police, the Spanish slap chop and the slap chop rap, Seth's Music Cafe, more dumb quiz, drug side effects, and a side of torture.

Apr 19 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 109

With special guest Pat Kondelis. On this episode we talk about Facebook baby pictures, taxes, Seth's Music Cafe, New pictures of the ShamWow guy, Rick Perry, Stem Cell Research Part 2, and the Seven Signs of Terrorism.

Apr 10 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 108

On this episode we talk about Seth's band, Dave's new Mac Pro, Customer service, Server problems, Stem cell research, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, and Twitter.

Mar 23 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 107

On this episode, Dave deals with audio problems behind the scenes while doing a show. Ahh! We talk about all the fun stuff at SXSW, Dave bitches about CI Host, Seth tells us about Thrice, we talk about asylum for American soldiers, and Boxee.

Mar 21 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 106

On this episode we talk about our RAGE for AIG, Dave bitches about Facebook ads, Seth's Music Cafe, Twitter Talk, Bobby Jindal, and Augmented Reallity.

Feb 23 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 105

With special guest Mike Yarbrough. On this episode we discuss the Oscars, Dirty Little Mouth's concert, how much Classmates.com sucks, this is why you're fat, the stimulus package, and why Microsoft retail stores are a stupid idea.

Feb 09 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 104

With special guest Mike Yarbrough. On this episode we discuss the problems with cutting back employees, we go in depth about the Grammys, Seth plugs his band and the release of their new album, we talk about British Fascism, Michael Phelps and pot, and geek out a bit as usual.

Jan 26 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 103

This week, Dave bitches about people that don't realize Roberts was the one who screwed up the oath, Seth plays us Yoav, we talk about jailbreaking iPhones, Microsoft Songsmith, and Nigerian goat robbers.

Jan 12 2009

Urban Coffee Episode 102

This week, Dave and Seth talk about the weather, video games, Dave bitches about PS3 updates, Seth's Music Cafe, Many videos from Dave, the Bart killings, and recent hackings around the interweb.

Dec 29 2008

Urban Coffee Episode 101

This week, Seff and Dave talk about doing man stuff, Christmas get-togethers, Dave bitches about getting his money stolen, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Links, Mexican Kidnapping, Pakistan and India, The end of America, Dave's Videos & Tech Talk.

Dec 10 2008

Urban Coffee Episode 100

This month we catch up on everything that's happened in the last year or so, talk about our new projects, a little splash of music, and some conversation about the auto industry bailout.