Oct 14 2008

We're Coming Back!

We're coming back starting in December!

Sep 21 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 97

Special guest Andrew Koss talks with Dave and Seth about their week, Dave bitches about airlines, Stumble Upon, Seth's Music Cafe, Giant Bananas, Internet People, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, New iPods and more.

Sep 06 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 96

Dave bitches about the grocery store checkout, Iraq whistle-blowers facing penalties, Who is John Galt, A hole in the universe, Why Skype fell over, Cannabis damage compared to tobacco, FCC white spaces, Bio Shock, If I Ran Fox News For A Day, Seth's Music Cafe, Stumble Upon minute round, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, Tech Talk, & Roadrunner bandwidth issues.

Aug 29 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 95

Dave talks about his week, Seth talks about corn nuggets, Dave bitches about bandwidth and internet tiering, The iPhone unlocked, The pentagon spending too much money on nothing, Seth's Music Cafe, Delorians, Llamas, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, Tech Talk, and more!

Aug 24 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 94

Dave talks about his new truck, we show off our new cartoon, Dave bitches about Wells Fargo again, American Income Tax Law, Federal ID Plan, Jon Stewart tears Cheney biographer a new one, Cheney shrugs of '94 video, Seth's Music Cafe, If I Ran Fox News For A Day, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, and Tech talk.

Aug 16 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 93

On this episode, Dave bitches about Taxi drivers, We read our latest review, we get in a discussion about America if the people revolted, Breathalyzer source code, Dick Cheney on Iraq '94, The brain glitch that makes terrorism fail, GTA delay, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, and Tech Talk.

Aug 08 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 92

This week we begin season 2. We talk about the last 2 months, the new website, Dave bitches about airports (of course), Chacarron, Cheney BAE Scandal, Can Bush remain in office, Ohio voting records vanish, Life at minimum wage, Charging the driver from the Arizona car chase with the deaths of the helicopter pilots, Saudi arms sales, Libby found guilty, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Links, Dave's Videos, & Tech Talk.

Jun 05 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 91b

A message from Dave about the future of the show.

May 31 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 90

With guest host, Phil. Voicemails, Dave gets an HD camera and bitches about entertainment news, Phil's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Corny Jokes, Wakey'z, The iPhone nears release, Lost, Interesting Houses, Stupid students protesting, and Microsoft vs Linux.

May 24 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 89

Dave talks about Final Cut Studio 2 and bitches about Delta, New illegal immigrant bill, Bees dying, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Video, Walk2Web, Y Combinator, I Can Has Cheezburger, Wafaabilal.com, Terabyte hard drives, Applegate, and Vista hacked again.

May 18 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 88

Dave talks about Apple Shake and the new Urban Coffee website, Dave bitches about Ebay security, HUAR, Where are you on the political map, Is Bill O'Reilly evil, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Modest Mouse Music Video Contest, Canadian Poppy Coin, Ban Comic Sans, Light Field, Future of internet radio, and hacking hotel tvs.

May 11 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 87

Dave is bummed because the Mavs lost, The Mute Math Concert, Seth's gay experience, Dave bitches about Good Morning America, Seth's Music Cafe, One man writes 235 Linux drivers, Loyalty Day, Nobody cares what you're doing (Twitter), Dave's Videos, Apple TV over the Slingbox, Digg "Hacking" HDDVD, and a Greener Apple.

May 06 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 86

This week we have 2 guests, Matt and Daniel. Dave talks about his crazy weather video, Dave bitches about Leo Laporte on Ustream, Meet the next president of the united states, Robot Future, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Boris Yeltsin dies, The Levelator, Geek Counterpoint Podcast, Hunger for Impeachment, New AOL homepage copies yahoo, & Free to Compete.

Apr 28 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 85

Dave bitches about Wells Fargo again, Virginia Tech Shootings, Debit cards for illegal immigrants, Iraq for Sale, Seth's Music Cafe, Fotowoosh, Grey Goo, Twitter, Easy Buttons, Dave's Videos, Final Cut Studio 2, The Call, Microsoft says iPhone is irrelevant, Why Xbox Elite isn't so elite, Pirates in 1080p, and DIY OSX file encryption.

Apr 21 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 84

This week Dave talks about Mute Math and the vortex of coincidence, Seth talks about STS9, Dave bitches about the problems with the winery, Corny Jokes, Imus and his woes, Seth's music cafe, Neave Games, The President nearly blows himself up, 5mb Hard Drive in 1956, New Google Maps features, Weird picture, Dave's Videos, & The Annoying Banner Ad Contest.

Apr 13 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 83

Dave talks about video games, Seth tells a story that he probably shouldn't have told, Dave bitches about the conflict with the place he got married, British soldiers released, Bill O'reilly, Gitmo appeal, Bush lied again, Seth's Music Cafe, Global Warming, Justin.TV, Wikisky, REAL video copyright infringement, 5 most annoying ad banners on the web, How many people God killed in the bible, Apple Phone Show, Dave's Videos, Zune dropping DRM, Mac 8 core system, Virtual Feds in Second Life, Additional Apple TV models, & a great Spore video.

Apr 06 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 82

Dave talks about his honeymoon adventures, Seth talks about a huge bonus, Dave bitches about his wedding ring issue, Captured British Soldiers, Dave goes way off topic about biotech and the future of big moneySeth's music cafe, Top 10 biggest spin off bombs, Stupid Apple remote tricks, Choose your own adventure books gone bad, 'Shut up Apple users', Dave's Videos, H264 Hardware Processor, Apple NAB invite, Apple TV hacked, Spore, & Apple Non-DRM songs.

Mar 22 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 81

Special Guest Andrew Koss, Seth admits that Dave's toilet DOES suck, Dave bitches about what happened to his Mac Pro, Seth's Music Cafe, Superdeluxe.com, Muslims suing passengers, Dave's Videos, VMware, Viacom suing Google, and Where's Leopard?

Urban Coffee Episode 80

Seth talks about bad Grandy's food, Dave bitches about Vista already sucking, the new Southpark this week, Seth's Music Cafe, Legend of Zelda Wii Case Mod, Faceless coin, Dave's Videos, Dave's friend has a sweet Macbook deal, 5 cool ways to use Yahoo pipes, & Google Traffic.

Mar 13 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 79

Dave & Seth together again, Dave bitches about "Are you smarter than a 5th grader," Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Southpark says the N word, Fox news at its finest, SETI, 11 dead at kite festival, T-shirt Hell, Steve Jobs - Spymaster, & Web 2.0 Logos.

Mar 07 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 78

Special guest host Andrew Koss, Dave bitches about The Emo Report, Ann Coulter's Comment, Coldplay, Dave's Videos, Hot chicks with douchebags, 7 worst sexy toys for children, Angry Apple Fan, iPod update?, Drupal, Freemacware, Tabstop, Mail Appetizer, & Tor.

Feb 21 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 77

Dave bitches about the forums, Seth has 2 great music cafe items, Dave's Videos, Myspace Ad Revenue, Hot or Not Composites, How to crash an in-flight entertainment system, Yahoo Pipes, Quick Drop your Mac, Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD, & PS3 Woes.

Feb 14 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 76

Dave brags about beating Seth at Need for Speed and bitches about big, faceless corporations, Anna Nicole Smith's Death, The Pepcon Disaster, Seth's Music Cafe, 11 Least Intimidating Movie Villains, R&B Poetry, Dave's Videos, Atlanta cops face murder charges, Death of the Paperclip Guy, John Conner, Infowars.com, Windows guru chooses a Mac, Zune Phone, Sprint will fire bloggers, USB AA Batteries, McCain introduces net image scan bill, & The A52 Codec.

Feb 08 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 75

Dave bitches about Aqua Teen Hunger Terrorists, Christian gay basher, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Woman becomes quadruple amputee after giving birth, Sylvia Browne wants to shut down stopsylviabrowne.com, Teen faces child porn charges for taking pictures of herself, Burger King Profits up 40% due to video games, and Apple & the Beatles.

Feb 01 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 74

Special guests Brock Riney and Julie Bennett, More God talk, a problem at Dave's office, Sylvia Browne update, Euthanasia of animals and humans, and listener videos.

Jan 23 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 73

Dave bitches about McNuggets, we talk about God, Seth's music cafe, Andy Griffith vs. Patriot Act, The Sloganizer, Sylvia Browne update, Farecast and Farechase, Third World American, & Maya 8.5 Universal Binary.

Jan 18 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 72

Guest starring Matt Asianian. We talk about our week, Sylvia Browne, The iPhone, Photos stolen from Deviant Art, Strange Metal Orb in Texas, A boring day at the airport, Bush and Abramoff, SD plus USB Card, Tivo to go for Mac, and Crammer smashing a Zune.

Jan 08 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 71

I think I missed a bleep, but I'm not gonna listen to the whole thing again. This week Dave's preparing to leave for another tour, Seth "Quit" smoking, Dave continues his bitch about Wells Fargo, Israel preparing to bomb Iran, Famous Quotes, Pat Robertson gone nuts, War Profiteering Bill, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Cloud Appreciation Society, Faces of the Dead, Oddcast, Futurama as anime characters, XBOX 360 HD Movies, Blue Ray vs. HD-DVD, iTunes traffic increase, & Emuscene.

Jan 04 2007

Urban Coffee Episode 70

Special New Years Episode, Listeners call in with their New Years Resolutions, Seth's Engagement, James Brown, President Ford, Saddam Hussein, Dave's big Digg story, Dave Bitches about Taco Bueno again, Google top searches, Seth's music cafe, Dave's Videos, Roxik animations, Corvette on Digg, PS3 sales, Ikea Dick in a box, New Line Rider, Grand Canyon is how old?, History of Religion, Direct linking to webcasts illegal, Microsoft RSS patent, Music labels have to prove sharing, Photoshop benchmarks, Crossover for Mac, & the RIAA's ALLOFMP3.com 1.65 trillion lawsuit.

Dec 28 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 69

An after Christmas, Christmas special with special guest Taylor Garvin. We talk about Delicious Links this week, Net Neutrality, Seth's Music Cafe, A global warming update, Justice for Genarlow Wilson, Tickle Me Emo, Dave's Videos, The 10th Dimension, God talk in class, Bubbleply.com, Interactive weather map, Breakfast from hell, Possible iPhone, Windows Development Chief would buy a Mac, Leopard screen shots, Trouble at the SecondLife C-Net conference, Internet addictions named, & Urban Santa.

Dec 20 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 68

This week Dave talks about the busy holidays, Tran-Siberian Orchestra, Seth tells us about his week, Dave bitches about Wells Fargo, We bring up the inevitable topic of global warming, Senator Johnson's Illness, Nazi Gingerbread Men, Sylvia Brown, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Person of the year: You, Pikipimp.com, Unbuntu - Satanic Edition, Photoshop CS3, & the Carbon fiber Macbook.

Dec 13 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 67

Dave picks up a new tour and bitches about Sprint commercials, Adam leaves NLO, Leapard is Lenard, Slam Dunk, Penn & Teller petition to ban water, Time Travel, What if chatrooms were real, Do you know who I am, The death of James Kim, Wayans drops the N-bomb, Christmas Videos on Youtube, & Listener Links.

Dec 07 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 66

Phil Clay guest hosts, Seth's Birthday, Gears of War, Gwyneth Paltrow, Muslims on US Airways, Third World American Update, Newt Gingritch, Leet Speak, Dave's Videos, Lance Bass, Phil's Links, Apple and Parallels, & iPhone rumors.

Nov 29 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 65

Dave talks about going to a Mavs game, The Urban Coffee Store is ready to go, Dave bitches about his ears, OJ Book canceled, Michael Richard's Racist Rant & Apology, Seth's Music Cafe, Seth's Band's new song, Bill O'Reilly hates iPods, Fox is NOT Fair and Balanced, Dave's Videos, Pelosi says no to draft legislation, 92 year old killed by police, Groom killed by police on wedding day, Improv Everywhere does Ben Folds, Xine on Today Show, Blue-Ray on Macs, & Black Friday is GAY.

Nov 23 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 64

Dave's finally off the road, Airport Security, McCain running for office, Horse Cloning, Seth's Music Cafe, OJ Simpson, Dave's Video, Create your own optical illusion, Fisher Price technology integration, Mile High Club, Second Life University, Tivo stretching to the internet, Zune Slow Sales, & Apple to sell unlocked phones.

Nov 15 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 63

This week Dave continues his Cingular bitch, we talk about the results of the election, Seth's music cafe, Whack your boss, Wii doesn't need a tv, Eyesores of the month, 9/11 comic book, Commondreams.org, Web 2.0 Logo generator, Nick Gibbons Animation, Afloat for Mac, Apple fires the Mac guy, Rosetta boost, Vista won't need virus software (yeah right), South Korea 100Mbps internet, and a $100 Xbox 360?

Nov 08 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 62

This week Dave bitches about Cingular and talks about Vancouver, Huck Fezbollah, Kayne West is a retard, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave and Seth on Family Guy, Needing clearance to leave the U.S., Dave's Videos, The Rasterbator, No internet at the 'Internet Summit', Presidential Tags, The worst band in the world, Shuffles from Steve, Clear a couple gigs on your Mac, The Apple touch screen slip, Bricked Xbox 360's and a voicemail extravaganza.

Nov 01 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 61

This week Dave bitches about hotel internet again, we talk about the upcoming elections, Seth's Music Cafe, Urban Legends, Dave's Videos, Rouge Elephants, Bush moves toward marshal law, Will Digg be acquired by News Corp, Buying a PC this holiday season, Fake boarding passes, & Apple dumping the scroll wheel.

Oct 25 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 60

Guest Co-Host Phil Clay, Body Worlds, Dave's Taxi Bitch of the Week, Third World American, Mark Foley, Keith Olberman, The Death of Habeas Corpus, Why country singers look gay now days, Dave's Videos, How to prank a tele-marketer, Last.FM, Man rejects penis transplant, Schools making students legally responsible for Myspace postings, Apple iPhone features leaked, & an MS Office Hack for Mac.

Oct 20 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 59

Special bonus episode! Dave bitches about Stargate.com, Mark Foley, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, Elevator floor illusion, Cool Flash picture, A great photography website, Huck Fezbollah, Xbox 360 Hacking, Hacking Democracy, and R&B Poetry.

Oct 18 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 58

This week we talk about what happened last week, Dave bitches about Time Warner Cable, North Korea, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, NLO's Towery Video, ALL-FG.com, Writing in block letters, The Zune on CBS, Possible iPhone designs, & A kewl Youtube Hack

Oct 04 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 57

This week Dave bitches about Comcast again, we talk about the podcast expo and Nick Starr, 100 voices, Ben Folds cover of 'Such Great Heights', Robot Dance, Red Bull Video, Bill Clinton on Faux News, Daily Show clip of Newsweek, Youtube cartoons, Population One, The return of Futurama, Genius Bar TV show, Apple's new Zoom feature, and a 9/11 skit by Dave and Andrew Koss.

Sep 27 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 56

Special guest Adrian Sarabia, Dave bitches about hotel internet, Secret Prisons in America, Adrian's Drink of the week, a little wine talk, Seth's Music Cafe, Cool Internet Speed test, Good Samaritans, Zune by Apple, Dance Dance Revolution, White & Nerdy, White Stripes on the Simpsons, Myspace Music Video, Life of Larry, Mac Ad Spoofs, Every Simpsons episode online, Little Superstar, The Borat Movie, Luke Johnson Phone Experiment, iTunes 7, & Apple doesn't want people to use the term Podcast.

Sep 20 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 55

Posted a little late cause Dave was on the flight from hell! Special guest Andrew Koss. This week we talk about the new Lego Star Wars game, Dave bitches about Fedex, Anna Nicole Smith Son is dead, Seth's Music Cafe, Story time, The Truth about Tom, Another Gay Movie, Loose Change viewing guide, WTF is he talking about, Porno Blooper, Zune stuff (Huhuhuhuhuhu), Nancy Grace, Video of girl raised by dogs, Blogmusik, and New Apple stuff.

Sep 13 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 54

Dave bitches about airports... surprise! Seth talks about Kellie Pickler, Seth's Music Cafe, Seth as a pop idol judge, Logo Mania, Gamenasty, Nude people everywhere, Tell the truth about 9/11, Light emitting shirts, 98% of marijuana is hemp, Mind the Gap, Soundboards, crazy religious guy, What Dave does, and What I should have said theatre.

Sep 05 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 53

Not in stereo this week because I didn't realize I forgot to pan our voices until I was 2,000 miles away. Dave bitches about email problems, Seth has a bitch as well, John Karr, Tim Ryan, 9/11, Anarchist's Cookbook, Seth's Music Cafe, Our New Song, Iran's President Challenges Bush to a debate, iPod Killer, Colbert iPod Commercial, Make your own Super Hero, Circuit City Xbox 360 Service Rip-off, You Must Choose, Custom Macbook Pros, 2nd life gets sexier, & More Mac Rumors.

Aug 30 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 52

The episode that completes our first year. We take live calls and take shots, we add a few of our favorite clips from the last year, Dave bitches about arena security, Trans-Atlantic cable, Seth's Music Cafe, Paris Hilton, Sunday school teacher dumped, Bush says Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, Porn in the background of the news, Colbert's lightsaber challenge, Crazy car crash, Kid sues friend over lost iPod, Banned Mentos video, SanDisk 'iPod Killer', Einstein Robot, Man drops iPod in airplane toilet, & Can the Mac counter Vista?

Aug 21 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 51

Google ads drops us, Dave uses Skype on a massive scale & talks about meeting the Diva on Second Life, Dave bitches about some airport stuff, Boiling Frog, Jon Benet Ramsey, Police Abuse, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Videos, 25 years of the PC, 'Sixth Sense' star arrested, Strongest Dad in the world, Possible Apple shipments, New File Sharing System, Microsoft Zune.

Aug 16 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 50

Special guests Julie and Christi (Seth & Dave's significant others). Dave bitches about his airport experience in Hartford, Seth talks about chillin' with some stars, we spend time talking about why the terrorists are winning, Isreal, and war, we throw in a few bits on 9/11, MTV politics, Seth's Music Cafe, Cyclops born in India, Fat guy video, Tranquil music by Heath, Goggles, Britney Spears Stoned, Apple Keynote review, Bully video game, & AOL user 927.

Aug 08 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 49

This week Dave leaves his luggage at the airport and bitches about his t-shirt, Harry Potter will die, A tired conversation on Israel, Seth bitches, Mucho videos from dave, Messy networks, Paper Model Art, Waitress finds herself at bar, Myspace Trojans, Circuit City and the MPAA, Star Logo, More Mac rumors, Fenetres Volantes, Audio Knob rip off, & Tube Sock.