Aug 01 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 48

This week the new website is finally up, we discuss our new wiki, Lance Bass is Gay, Dave bitches about airport customs, we add a Frappr map to the site, we talk about yousendit.com, sexual abuse, H20 for fuel, the disappearing lake revisited, Dave's videos, Seth's music cafe, girl raised by dogs, Net Disaster, Free History of Mac PDF, Cats that look like Hitler, Popularity Dialer, Tom deleting Myspace Profiles, The Flash Microphone, Digg Labs, 50 Terrabyte DVDs, Skype Beta with video for Mac, Newton vs. Origami, Riaa drops cases if you point out IP's are not people, Dell bug, & the iPhone & Mac predictions.

Jul 23 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 47

Urban Wine. This special episode features Dave's Fiance, Christi, and Nick Starr. We sit, drink wine, and talk about the woes of the world, we talk about the new war in Isreal, Nick's new podcast, Myspace, Energy woes, OSX vs. Vista, some 9/11 conspiracy stuff, and Nick fills us in on what he's been doing since his falling out on 'Nobody Likes Onions'.

Jul 19 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 46

Problems with the site design in Safari, Explosives found in Dave's bags, Video promo with listeners, 11 'Don't tell the wife' secrets, Gun Control, Seth's Music Cafe, Songs from TV commercials, Gay Referee, How it should have ended, TuPac skit on Dave Chapelle, Family Guy - Behind the Scenes, Losing their jobs and their iPods, Free txt message website, Google maps for mobile phones, Nintendo games in your browser, Internet health, & Click Tale.

Jul 11 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 45

The site redesign, More airport woes, Dave's Intervention, Rush Limbaugh and Viagra, CIA Osama Unit closed, Guy sues Michael Jordan for looking like him, A break down of Ted Steve's 'speech' on the internet (what a dumbass,) Seth's Music Cafe, Man Busted for wearing peace t-shirt, Psycho complains about rouge helicopters, Error message generator, 10 dimensions, Digg Drop movies and tv shows, Grotrian Pianos, Catch the Cursor, UFO Guy, Family Guy Quiz, Google in the Oxford dictionary, A world without Google, SEO for Firefox, Switcher's guide to OSX, SeisMac, & The Red Paperclip Guy.

Jul 04 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 44

Yes, I know, I missed an F-bomb in there somewhere. Special Guest Host Phil Clay, Bowling Etiquette, MSNBC Bernie Ward interview on government spying, Trampoline Video, "He's GAY" Video, Gravitas-off Video, Minor League Fit Video, Camron on O'Reilly Video, 45,000 Bottle Rocket Video, Phil's Music Cafe, People who use obsolete or no technology, A ton of Myspace stuff, No more cavities, Bug Chasers, Gnarls Barkely video, New Diet Coke and Mentos Video, Youtube Cartoon Index, Quake 3 in your browser, John Kerry on Net Neutrality, Virgin Records caught pirating, Lip-Sync Battle at Cingular, Detecting the NSA, OSX Leopard Video, Crossover Software, Debunking Mac Commercials, & Dave's fake Leopard pictures.

Jun 26 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 43

Game 6 of the finals, Braves game, Dave's bus driver, Seth in the Observer, Bitch of the week is Dave's apartment management, Bear in the Oatmeal, North Korea, Stupid girl sues Myspace for getting her sexually assaulted, Every Southpark episode ever, The one second nap, USB air conditioned shirt, Glitter Revenge, Daily Show on violent video games, Mustang Spin, Umando, AT&T owns your data, Canceling AOL, & Why Dave such a Mac Enthusiast.

Jun 20 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 42

Airport Security, Donation Issues, Sonic Commercial, Myspace Parental Guidelines, Dude on Dave's Plane, Poptart Thief, Disaster relief 9/11 fraud not prosecuted, Seth's Music Cafe, 'Save the internet' with Moby, Weebl's Stuff, Photo Tour of N. Korea, Sticks and Stones Rube Goldberg, Bill Gates leaving Microsoft, Ringtone parents can't hear, Photoshop Photorealism, Wireless video conferencing iPod, RIAA says file sharing is 'contained', & New 'Getamac' Ads.

Jun 14 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 41

This week we shout out a couple birthdays, Dave's Bitch of the Week is the Hotel he stayed in, Myspace teen goes to Mid-East, Myspace Parental guide, Number Stations, Seth's Music Cafe, Citizen's guide to surviving police encounters, "Flash" Animation, Seth MacFarlane at Harvard, Radio Control plane with camera, "I wanna know where the gold at" T-shirt, Drunk Animals, Cat Food Lady, School of Rock Trailer Remake, Poop Eater, Spore Video, Flex & Zephyr, iPaction.org, House rejects Net Neutrality, Riaa Targeting Youtube & Google, Military Data Theft, Sixth Sense, Apple surpasses beer on college campuses, & Pentagon sets it's sights on Social Network Sites.

Jun 06 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 40

Dallas Mavs, Davinci Code, Bitch of the week, Bush planted fake news stories, We must be terrorists, Find Dave, Sonic Commercials, Hospital Mixup, You Must Choose, Seth's Music Cafe, Student Suspended for Caffeine Gum, Funny Condoms, Sternest Meanings, Doggie Bag, Inconvenient Truth, Car Stuck Girls, Walmart pumping Ethonol, Straight Pride Clothing, Marijuana in Santa Barbara, 10 things I hate about commandments, more storm pictures, Walmart Database, Biota water bottles, & NSA records and the mystery phone number.

May 30 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 39

Naked men in the locker room, Southland Tales, Things you didn't know about your body, Seth's Music Cafe, Secret Government Detention Centers, Interactive Collage, 9/11 Pentagon Stuff, Cool Storm Pictures, Downloading Pi is illegal, Net Neutrality, Nike + Nano, NYC Apple Store QTVR, Apple Processes, Backing up your Mac, Apple Pro page, and Thanks NO.

May 22 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 38

Special Guest Chris Koss. Bitch of the week is Chase Bank, Tia Tequilla, 9/11 Pentagon video, ABC cell phones being tracked, Prank Calls, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's Links, Apple Thief, Creative vs. Apple, Macbooks, & The RIAA suing again (XM).

May 15 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 37

Steve is our guest this week. His last name will remain anonymous. This week we bitch about CIHOST, What I should have said theatre, Coke Black, Apartment gates, Project West Ford, The Hamburgler, Seth's Music Cafe, Inside the Farrari Factory, Dark Side of the Moon, Patent on Teleportation, When people drive the speed limit, New Zeland for Sale, Steve Jobs and the Beatles, iTunes botched ticket promo, RIAA, and a few emails and junk.

May 08 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 36

Podcast spammers, More immigration stuff, Oil in South America, Ethanol, Seth's Music Cafe, Pro and anti Microsoft propaganda posters, iPod vending machine video, MORE, Gadgets now and then, 110mph bike crash, Drugs will not be legalized in Mexico, New Mac Ads, iPaction.org, Second Life, and Emails.

May 01 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 35

Special Guest Sean Keafe. Our new subscription program, Dave's Bitch of the Week, Immigrants, Iran, Gas Prices, Women's 'Viagra', Pacino in 'Ocean's 13', Myspace owns your stuff, Abbey Road Webcam, Beauty and Chaos, Speak and Spell Emulator, Bushisms, Crazy public access video, Awesome Live Mario Video, iPod Dominoes, Odle Quotes, Diggnation is sucking, New DMCA updates, Google Cal Button, PriceRite Photo, & Jobs on the future of Apple.

Apr 26 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 34

Finally! I can't believe it took me so long! I'll talk about it next week. This week Dave Bitches about not being able to wear headphones on take-off, Air Force One gets tagged, David Lee Roth, 101 pound man, 8 year old steals car, 12 nails to the head, Seth's Music Cafe, Dave's friend doing the "Vote for Pedro" dance, Simpsons Movie teaser, Re-Frederator, Rainbow pictures, World's largest Tetris Game, Free411 gets financial backing, Cringely's view on Apple, and Bush gets accused of Piracy.

Apr 19 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 33

Fry's Easter sale, Taxes, Immigration Bill, Abortion, Seth's Music Cafe featuring the Travis Mitchell Band and Nickel Creek, Broke Back Mountain, Absurdly Cool, Acupuncturist's Chi Powers, Lazer, Family Guy Game, One Red Paperclip, Boot Camp, Secret video clip of Seth, Fusion Frenzy, Second Life, Online language, Real Video iPod, & Emails n' Junk.

Apr 11 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 32

Cynthia McKinney, Teacher and Homeland Security, Seth's Music, Where's George, Virtual OS 7, Cartoon Strip Generator, Rube Goldberg Video, OSX Boot Camp, Junxion Box, AT&T Forwards all internet traffic to NSA, Naughty America Game, Flickrlicious, Emails, Comments, Voicemails, & Reviews.

Apr 03 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 31

Emails, Subway sandwiches, Condi and iraq, Teen faces child porn charges, Army bans private armor, Male contraceptive, Seth's Music Cafe, Swirling Vortex of doom, Ambien and sleep eating, Autistic's Virtual City, iPod Diagnostics, Spray Paint on a string, Oklahoma official calls the FBI on Linux, NES emulators, OSX Leopard and Windows, Widget trick, Seti at home, R&B poetry.

Mar 26 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 30

Special guest listeners Skittles and Brightside. Emails and responses from last week, self-checkout, Tom Cruise and Scientology, Patent reform, Dave's driver's license, Getting arrested in bars for drinking, CNN Fire, Leprechaun video, Subservient Chicken, Piss-controlled urinal games, More 9/11 Videos, This isn't safe, Why Macs will run Windows programs, & Virtual Insanity.

Mar 20 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 29

Emails and junk, Shopping on the weekend, Drug trials gone wrong, Stupid Sonic commercials, Simpson's live action video, Simpson's voices on Conan, QVC Dell Porno, Mixed reality interface, Gearge Bush screw-up video, Pacman in a field, Build your own dragon illusion, Lego aircraft carrier, Sketchup, Vast, E-jamming, Moore's law for razor blades, Self tuning guitar, R&B poetry, donations, and don't forget to DIGG us!

Mar 13 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 28

Crazy emails and voicemails, Hidden Camera Update, Bank Phonecall, Seth gets a ticket, 9/11 video, Copeland Band, Bong hits for Jesus, 55 MPH Video, Robo Army Dog, Matt Groening Apple ad, Bathroom rendering, Mario race, boiling water on a cold day, Apple Rainbow shirts, Pacman bike lights, Airbus timelapse, Live Zelda, Roaming Hack, Jack Thompson, and R&B Poetry.

Mar 05 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 27

Our first episode in STEREO! This week is our listener faceoff. Dave bitches about fast food again, Bush is less popular than Nixon following watergate, Dick Cheney, UAE and our ports, Myspace issues being blown out of proportion by the media, Top ten cards you will never see at Halmark, Top ten video game weapons, Top ten techsupport peeves, Mac-Mini NES, Caspian and the good times, Senator tears At&t a new one, RIAA usual crap, Apple stuff, and R&B Poetry.

Feb 28 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 26

A bit interesting if you can get past the first 10 minutes. There was a microphone hum for the Bitch of the Week but I just had to filter it the best I could. Special Guests Brock and Phil. This week Dave talks about airplanes again, we hate on Hollywood pricks, talk about gays, chat about racism and reverse racism, Downsize DC, Brock's new MySpace cartoons, Prostitutes and GTA, KT Tunstall, Multiple Dimensions, if the iPod were made by Microsoft, Ask Jeeves, Apple announcements, Hot Spot to go, Mac attacks, iTunes 1 Billion, Woot.com, and the Listener Showdown.

Feb 21 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 25

This week we do the email & comment thing, Dave bitches about birthday songs when you go out to eat, The longest song ever, Cheney's accident report, Adult Swim Fix, Houston police chief wants cameras everywhere, Olympic politics, Anima, Eoghan Colgan, Windows Defender Beta, Radio Shack closes stores, Google Hacking, Multi-Touch Screens, Get Human, Verizon's rebuttal to the Google Article last week, Apple's poetic justice, LED throwies, RIAA's backpedaling on iPod ripping, Apple switching to Windows, The Apple "Virus", and our newest behind the scenes vidcast.

Feb 13 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 24

This week Dave bitches about drive throughs, we talk about the long awaited topic..Marijuana, the President can have people killed, Scratch Music, Record freefall, Bush tags bloggers as terrorists, Rube Goldberg device, Brokeback to the Future, Google's network problems, and the iTunes 1 Billionth song.

Feb 07 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 23

The most drunken episode ever. This week we begin our pre-superbowl party by doing a podcast, E-mails, comments, and voicemails, Dave and Phil's Bitch of the week, MySpace killings, Man dies "because of" a strip club, Phil's adventures at a strip club, Dave's ADT security problems, At last.... our hidden camera segment, Brock's Survivor video, The N-Machine, view hidden MySpace comments, Super Mario Synth, Homemade web server, Web LED sign, Google snack room, and Google's search records.

Jan 31 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 22

A very long email & comments update, Stupid fraud email lotto scam, Who will be the next president, Good / Evil websites, Seth's release party adventure, Tornado rainbow, AOL sucks, Steve Jobs and Disney, & Stupid fraud email lotto scam Part II.

Jan 24 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 21

2 Bitches of the week (Comcast and Fox News,) Using God and race to your advantage, language in the US, Apple-Intel / Postal Service videos and an interview with the side by side's creator, Miracle fruit, Free 411, Dragon Illusion video, MPAA uses code without giving credit, 107 year old cell phone tax, Geocaching puts authorities on edge.

Jan 16 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 20

Special Guest Mike Yarbrough, Dave's engagement, Dave's very long bitch of the week, Judge's ruling on 4 years of molestation, Dwarf Family, Jack Abramoff, Judicial Activism, Digitally Distorted interview with Mike Szyszka, 250 Lancaster Students get suspended, Our new Myspace page, Orson, Robert Cringely's predictions, Condoms filled with flour, Trading CD's for an iPod, Allofmp3, Mentos and Coke, Google composite art, The new Camaro, Life size Lego Han Solo, Michael Johnston Live at MacWorld, Vista is everything OSX can already do, Grokster, Elmo Hack, and Tech Support Blunders.

Jan 07 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 19

This week Seth quits smoking, we talk about the AIDS cure delay, lobotomies, the pac man video, women drivers, the foot in mouth awards, and protopage.

Jan 01 2006

Urban Coffee Episode 18

Special Guest Britni Rasberry. The Bitch of the week is Uhaul, Genes that regulate life, The Matrix and the Bible, The artificial pursuit of happiness, Bin Laden's niece, HBO hack, Falling sand game, Flaws of perception, and the Apple "Powerpod"

Dec 23 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 17

This week we have Joe Wagner, (Our biggest fan), on the phone. We talk in detail about the separation of church and state, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Steve Jobs' empire falling, the Lazy Sunday video, VW Factory photos, Dave's Links, the analog hole legislation, and Firefox Flicks.

Dec 20 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 16

A few emails and comments, The debate over the patriot act, anorexia as a fad, bastard.com, LMAO Plane, Coke with Coffee, man finds diamond ring in car, real life bad Santas, Don Wiss' life threatened, RIAA Prank, Best Buy security, Apple on Jeopardy, and a new Bad Poetry Slam.

Dec 13 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 15

Speaking Spanish at school is cause for punishment, 33 year old man seeks puberty, Molasses flood of 1919, Automated current event art, Grand Theft Lego, NBC iTunes TV show ad, St Maarten Airport, Blowfly alarm clock, Windows ad features iBook, Another on-line gamer dies, "Unlimited" Cell Phone guy, Recording Industry vs. the People, Google earth for Mac, PriceRite Photo prank call, and Finding Noah's Ark.

Dec 05 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 14

Seth's back this week! We talk about the world's first face transplant, talking president dolls, the world's youngest mother, teen repellant, Yahoo China MP3 search, Rudolph behind the scenes, flying through virtual clouds, Snopes - the urban legend reference, revenge on junk faxes, blind internet access, and Indie music podcasts.

Nov 28 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 13

Special Guest Host Phil Clay, Christmas Tree, not Holiday Tree, Michael Brown's new business, Fence at the Mexican border, Transformable Suit, Free On-line Concerts, If hackers ruled the world, Jack Thompson vs Amazon, Pointless USB Gadgets, World of Warcraft Lawsuit, and the Millenium Falcon Mac Mini

Nov 21 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 12

Special Guest Sammy Langkop. Dave screws up the audio for the first few minutes, Emails, comments, and shoutouts, Dave rags on R Kelly, Scientology, Man glued to toilet, Terror at McDonalds, Edible Undies for health nuts, The latest Sony DRM information, Time Magazine's Man of the year, Comments on the first iPod from the MacRumors forum, Phone Swarm, Blue Ball Machine, Architecture sites, Computer Designed Art, and the Lawsuit of the week (GIGGITY)

Nov 13 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 11

Sony DRM is the Bitch of the Week, The future of the human body, Death by Caffeine, Weapons in space, Spying on students using Face Book, Jack Thompson, Online version of Windows and Office, Online funeral for Girl on World of Warcraft, Lawsuit of the week (Spike Lee caused 9/11).

Nov 07 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 10

Special guest Brock Riney, Listener Emails, Exxon Profit (The Bitch of the Week,) Seth's Bitch of the Week (Church and State,) Family Guy (PTV,) President Chavez, Tech Talk, Locked out of OSX, DRM issues, Viewing unsecured webcams, CBS shows on iTunes, Brock's driving story,

Oct 31 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 9

Listener Emails, MySpace porn ads, the airport (of course,) Seth's Guitar Story, Unified tax theory, Steven Hawking, Harold Bloom, Harriet Myers, Foreign Accent Syndrome, Prussian Blue, Tech Talk, ChannelFrederator.com, Jack THompson, Web 2.0, Separation of Church and State, and Mac stuff.

Oct 24 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 8

Bitch of the week (Jack Thompson,) Zombie Movies, Lame Parties, Bubble Project, Prop 2, Prussian Blue Nazi Twins, MySpace, Use of computers in movies, Haggling with different cultures, Lawsuit of the week (Microsoft,) Is bread back?

Oct 16 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 7

Bitch of the week, Tech Talk, Video iPod, iTunes 6, Lost, Trailmix TV show, Orson, The Warriors, Jack Thompson is a BIG FAT IDIOT, Stopkill.com, The internet is breaking, How to break the internet, MySpace Hacking, MySpaceIsGay.com picture descriptions, Crimeth Inc, Lawsuit of the week, Gay Marriage, Today Show media hype.

Urban Coffee Episode 6

Mike Yarbrough back by popular demand, Airport woes, Seattle Stories, Texas OU weekend, $95,000 Man, Starbucks on every corner, Wal-mart employee calls the secret service, God talks to President Bush, Bush's Supreme Court Nominee, Americans think Australia is Iran, Tourette's, The Choking Game, MySpace Girl turns up dead.

Oct 03 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 5

Waiting at the gate on the airplane again, Flight Plan movie and pissed off flight attendants, Catholic priests and molestation, Stupid tech mistakes, Windows viruses and reverse engineering, Gay bartender, English language quiz, Law Suit of the week, Retrojunk.com and 80's commercials, The Shining trailer spoof.

Sep 27 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 4

More airport problems, good restaurants, hurricane Rita, gas prices, landing gear incident, fake forwards, Peter Popoff, Camaros,

Sep 18 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 3

Special Guest Andrew Koss, Airport Security, Fema director Mike Brown, Rebuilding New Orleans, Email From Last Week, Apple vs. Creative, Martha Stewart is evil, Email Forwards, Piracy Calculator, Trailmix Promo.

Sep 12 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 2

September 11th, New Apple Products, Michael Jackson, Celebrities if New Orleans, Telecrapper 2000, Postage Paid Revenge, Press you Luck, Bad Poetry

Sep 08 2005

Urban Coffee Episode 1

Hurricane Katrina, XXX Domain Name, Being Polite, Virtual Property, Kansas Free Land, iPod status symbol, William Rehnquist