Urban Coffee Episode 117

Douchebag roommate gets warning from God, Phone Thief, Facebook Trademark Violation, Dave stuck it to the man at the airport, Dave bitches about Fedex, Mute Math - Armistice, Highway sign has every word misspelled but EXIT, Transparent Aluminum, Men face charges over gang photos on Web sites, Guilty of Homicide! Prayer is no substitute for medical care, Transformers fan drank gasoline to gain energy, ixquick.com, Woman getting married to fairground ride, Headsethotties.com, Proof of Martian Life?, 60 ton sperm whale explodes all over streets of Taiwan, Automatic Pancake Machine, New Health Care Bill, William Shatner reciting Palin farewell speech, Barney Song Fail, Log into Cars.gov and Turn Your Computer Over to the government, Barack Obama is actually the anti-Christ. Jesus said so, Can You Capture a Laser In Your Hands, Radio Host warns that Nuclear bomb set to explode in Washington DC on October 11th 2009, Big rig loses tire, almost kills cop, Don't update to 10.5.8 yet, New iPhone OS 3.1 Has Clear Traces of New Apple iProducts (Tablet?), Blu-ray support / Social Media / App Organization in next iTunes, & Google Voice App was rejected but now avail as web app.