Urban Coffee Episode 114

Michael Jackson, Facebook woman who keeps adding Dave, Group that thinks Facebook is going to be turned into a pay site, Fav MJ song, Tickets for parking in your gravel driveway in Toledo, Adding Homer Simpson voice to Tom Tom, PETA upset about Obama fly swat - Wants Phish to temp change name to Sea Kittens, US Gov study on why people don't like condoms, Bolivian TV tricked into showing Lost photos, iPhone recovery story, Adam Savage - $11,000 iPhone bill - 9gig in 3 hours - Meg a sec., Building collapses straight sideways, HIV / AIDS Cure?, Michael Jackson's Death, Trained acrobat cats, e-Passport with video head shot, Phreak Vids, Best Wheel of Fortune contestant ever!, DIY VR gun, The World According to Monsanto in HD, Best MJ moves video, Microsoft Ten Grand in Australia, Murphy-Goode Winery Negative Publicity, What's here? added to Google Maps.