Urban Coffee Episode 44

Yes, I know, I missed an F-bomb in there somewhere. Special Guest Host Phil Clay, Bowling Etiquette, MSNBC Bernie Ward interview on government spying, Trampoline Video, "He's GAY" Video, Gravitas-off Video, Minor League Fit Video, Camron on O'Reilly Video, 45,000 Bottle Rocket Video, Phil's Music Cafe, People who use obsolete or no technology, A ton of Myspace stuff, No more cavities, Bug Chasers, Gnarls Barkely video, New Diet Coke and Mentos Video, Youtube Cartoon Index, Quake 3 in your browser, John Kerry on Net Neutrality, Virgin Records caught pirating, Lip-Sync Battle at Cingular, Detecting the NSA, OSX Leopard Video, Crossover Software, Debunking Mac Commercials, & Dave's fake Leopard pictures.